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Custom Insulating Glass

Tory Hill Glass constructs insulating units with 5/16 and 3/8” narrow sight lines on three square foot or less units.

Larger sight lines of 7/16” are also available. Our self imposed tolerance is +/- 1/32” on three square foot or less on glass or units cut in shop.

Through every phase of its construction, every unit is repeatedly checked for quality.






(See our custom insulating unit’s page for more details and photos)

(see our tiffany foil triple pane page for more details and photos)

  Tiffany Foil Triple Insulating Units

This type of insulating unit construction utilizes textured and stained glass. Tiffany foil leaded can be insulated where lead channel stained glass cannot. This renovation or new construction option is available either insulated or as a stand alone panel for interior applications.



(see our lead came triple pane page for more details and photos)

  Lead Came Triple

Lead Came products are constructed with true lead came channel of varying sizes. These panels are cemented for added strength and longevity. This product can be constructed as the panel only or triple insulated.





(see our Decra-led page for details and photos)



This led product comes to us from England and is used to simulate cottage window designs as well as an unlimited number of classic and modern designs. This lead strip can be applied interior and/or exterior of a window panel or insulating unit.


(see our mosaic page for pictures and latest designs)


Mosaic Stained Glass

Mosaic stained glass is the most flexible product offered by Tory Hill Glass. This product allows us to design and create colorful additions and accents to numerous areas of new construction and renovation projects. This product is continually evolving and is only limited to the projects we cannot yet imagine.




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