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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do insulating units constructed by Tory Hill Glass make a custom project easier?

Tory Hill Glass believes the custom millwork companies know what they require to complete a finely crafted project. We suggest receiving daylight opening sizes as well as glass sizes.

For other projects Tory Hill Glass can offer advice on glass types and construction for residential and renovation projects requiring specific dimensions for new or replacement units.

Do you require a minimum quantity of units?

No project is too small but larger projects have greater flexibility ordering special glass types and some spacer selections.

What if I have a few larger than 3-square feet units on a mostly all under 1-square foot unit project?

Tory Hill Glass strives to provide a single-source liability. In many cases we can produce the required larger units (larger sightline) requirements for a project.

What types of projects utilize custom insulating glass? 

Architecturally designed or custom window manufacturers are usually the types of projects Tory Hill Glass works on, we also work with general contractors and building material contractors as well as individual residential customers.

What is the difference between custom insulating and production units?

Units requiring precise detail in the largest difference. Narrow sight lines, small unit size, glass types and spacer selections are also what set Tory Hill Glass apart from production companies.

Is custom insulating more expensive than other insulating units? 

No. In many case, where 3-5 square feet minimums apply, the per unit cost is comparable. Tory Hill Glass bases the minimum square foot price at 1-square foot.

When should we order our custom insulating glass?

Ordering custom insulating is slightly different than ordering production glass. Tory Hill Glass strives to produce the required units in a timely manner. We work on projects as they are ordered, however, glass types and specialty spacer can add time to completing projects. We suggest checking our schedule at the time of project approval.

Do you have your insulating units tested?

Yes. Tory Hill Glass continually has units in various stages of testing. Regular customers have been sent copies of the most recent results. In addition to these results, Tory Hill Glass performs other testing of the products used as well as the overall longevity of their units.

How do you select the length of warranties?

We base our warranties on industry standards. Though our units have time and time again shown they will continue to perform beyond these periods, we keep the millwork and contractor in mind. Typically, they do not want to be tied to unrealistic warranty periods requiring the possibility of returning to a job twenty years later. After all, their work is much more demanding at the time of a replacement.


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