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Tory Hill Glass is a hands-on environmentally conscious company offering architects, general contractors and residential customer’s custom insulating units, tiffany leaded triple insulating units or un-insulated decorative panels and Decra-led decorative panels as insulating or non-insulating (interior applications).

Custom Insulating Glass Technology

Architectural Components, Inc.

Tory Hill Glass offers accurate, insulating units for new construction and renovation projects. All of our unit types are given the same attention to detail. Tory Hill Glass has specialized in insulating glass and the 5/16”narrow sight line insulating glass and renovation market for 26 years.

*Window photo provided by Architectural Components, Inc.

Preserving the Appearance
of Historic Buildings

Tory Hill Glass specializes in narrow sight line units with 5/16” sight lines. The 5/16” sight line unit was developed to preserve the quality appearance of our heritage buildings’. Our unit filled the void for the historic and historic replica market requiring narrow muntins to preserve the quality appearance of our heritage buildings.


This unit was used in the Weld Hall restoration at Harvard University. This type of construction is also utilized in the upper-end, true-divided lite market.

Custom insulating units are available with sight line from 5/16” (up to three square foot unit) to 7/16” sight line; all carry a 10-year limited warranty.

Quality Manufacturing

In a manufacturing era of faster production equals larger profits; Tory Hill Glass reverses the concept, taking the necessary time to build each unit correctly “the first time”. In the end, this saves money for both our company and you, our client. We have supplied our clients and the industry with the best quality for 26 years.

Choice of Spacer Types in Construction

Looking for an enhancement to the thermal performance of your insulating glass unit? Click here
Tory Hill Glass provides gas (%) filled units utilizing appropriate sight lines. Click here
Tory Hill Glass produces Insulating Glass units utilizing warm edge (technology) and aluminum spacers both available with multiple colors as standard selections at no additional charge. Shipping is ours (or yours) freight and UPS, crated specifically for each projects requirements.



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